In this school year we are starting to realize a project, which is financed by the European Union. The program we are participating in is called "Socrates Comenius" and the topic is "Emigration and Immigration". The project is going to be based on:

-Searching for publications in the local and national press
-Writing articles to the school & local newspaper
-Establishing a co-operation with a group of French students
-Drawing out a joint plan, in which the final effect will be a website and a school newspaper
-Entertaining the French in our homes during their 2 weeks stay in Poland
-Our 2 weeks journey to France (financed by the European Union)

What will this project give us?

-Meeting interesting people
-Getting to know a new culture
-New traditions
-French cuisine
-Extending our language skills and personal abilities
-Integrating with other students of our school
-Gaining experience
-Extending our knowledge about emigration and immigration
-Developing tolerance in relations with other cultures
-Promoting our school in our region
-Attending a basic French language course


Our main goal is to learn about the topic and anything which is related to emigration and immigration in France and Poland (drawing a comparison with a different country in the European Union, e.g. Germany). We also want to find out different opinions from a certain country which are also connected to history. We'll try to find out how emigration and immigration affects economy, society and politics. We want to develop the European culture as well as the sense of European citizenship.

Expected influence on students:

-Extending the group work skills
-Learning proper research techniques
-Contacting institutions and organizations that occupy themselves with people migration
-Extending our knowledge and vocabulary
-Making acquaintances
-Extending the student-teacher relations
-Motivation to be part of the school life
-Learning and extending the cultural and linguistic knowledge of the partner country

Expected influence on teachers:

-Extending the abilities of working with teenagers; improving the quality of teaching
-Gaining managing ability
-Learning how the partner school teachers work and co-operate
-Promotion at work

Expected influence on school:

-The project will make the school more attractive and will be a trump card when recruiting 1st grade students
-Being the project coordinator, it will help to gain more abilities, knowledge, relationships with institutions beyond the school
-Strengthening the relations with the partner school
-Promoting the school through working on the joint website and other media (local TV, magazines, newspapers)
-Enriching the school library with dictionaries, multimedia programs, etc.

Expected influence on the local community:

-Promoting the region, city and province
-Raising the inhabitants' awareness on what an immigrant's life looks like in their area (problems, etc.)



Primary actions:

-Research (reports, surveys, press articles, etc.)
-Interviewing immigrants who live near or in our region. Interviewing the immigrants to France who had lived in the ex-communist countries
-Publishing a website of the project
-Publishing a school newspaper and bulletin

Secondary actions:

-Visiting the national immigration town in Paris (opening: beginning of 2007)
-Visiting the Frontier Police institution in Poland.